Social Development

Social Development

In and out of the classroom teachable moments are used  to instruct and develop within students life skills and character that is rooted in the truth of God’s word. Faculty and staff lead by example acting as a living curriculum.  Teachers encourage students to learn and demonstrate the ability to love unconditionally and to show forgiveness to others. Self-Respect and respect for others are developed in class and as students grow to effectively and courteously resolve conflicts. Students at Victory World Christian School develop cultural awareness and an appreciation for diversity. Additionally, students learn the importance and impact of their contribution to the well being of others.

Social Committee

Our Parent Social Committee is responsible for planning the social opportunities for our community throughout the school year.  The committee motto is “Families that play together stay together!” Our social events create real-world opportunities for students to practice the interpersonal skills they learn in class, while also creating awesome memories that will last a lifetime. Events include Father Daughter Dance activities and regularly scheduled Family Fun Nights.


In Bible, students are guided in the principles of becoming effective, fervent followers of Christ.  As such students grow to understand the ability to love unconditionally, as Christ loves us.  They learn to develop and demonstrate a respect for themselves and others.  In Bible class, students are shown the biblical model of effective, courteous conflict resolution modeled in Matthew 18.  As students grow in their faith and understanding they acquire a sound biblical foundation for interpersonal relationships.

Special Classes

Each week students attend enrichment classes including P.E., Music, Computer, Robotics, Drama, and Art.  Classes such as PE, Music, and Drama affords students the opportunity to learn effective teamwork, conflict resolution, and teambuilding skills.  Similarly, in classes like Computer, Art, and Robotics, students learn essential social skills like group problem solving, interpersonal communication, and individualized self-expression.

Before & After Care

Opportunities for the growth of a student’s social development at VWCS do not start and stop with school hours.  Before care, beginning each day at 7 AM, gives students the opportunity to work with and along side students from different grades as they review homework, participate in team building exercises, or play educational games with a teacher.

Similarly, After care allows for students who have not been picked up by 3:45 PM to participate in guided homework time with peers.  Additionally, adults are available to help with questions as they supervise after school activities.  After care also has third party vendors offering separate programs like chess club, piano, ballet, and other supplemental classes.


As a method of supporting the social development of each student, Victory World Christian School utilizes a school uniform policy for all students in K5-5th grade. Students typically wear their uniform each day.

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