International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate is an important influence in public education policy that has helped to raise educational standards throughout the world. It is this raising of the educational standards that Victory World Christian School sought to make part of our wonderful school. The IB mission states they aim to “develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect” (

IB students take an active part in their school and their local and international communities. The program promotes the IB Learner Profile which consists of 10 character attributes each student is encouraged to acquire throughout their academic journey. These attributes place character education alongside academic education as a defining feature of attending an IB school (Who cares? Pro-social education within the program of the International Baccalaureate., Bailey & Cooker, 2018). The organization also works with “schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programs” and establish “rigorous assessment” methods. The consensus among learners and educators is that the program’s emphasis on cognitive and creative thinking, versus rote memorization, prepares students well for the expected active and independent learning environment of colleges and universities, which enhances their admission to such institutions (Impacts of International Baccalaureate programmes on teaching and learning: A review of the literature. Dickson, Perry, &  Ledger, 2018).

How Many Christian IB Schools In Georgia?

There are over 4,200 IB World Schools, serving more than 1.2 million students worldwide. After a three-year journey, VWCS completed the requirements to be recognized as an authorized IB World School. As of March 19, 2019, we are one of only two Christian schools in Georgia to attain the designation.

Most educators around the state and the world seek to deliver the highest-level academic program possible. They all want the best for their students – your students. VWCS has reached that goal after extensive preparation and dedication. We offer a comprehensive, top-notch education unmatched by any school in our region. Earning the IB World school certification was a challenge but also a game-changer to our education methods.

Students leave our school well-versed in advanced-level skills in traditional academic areas like reading comprehension, mathematics and science, to name a few. Our well-rounded, complete education program also produces students who confidently administer critical thinking and analysis, real-world problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Add often overlooked aspects like a healthy spiritual life, character-building social development, and long-term foreign language study, and it becomes hard to dismiss the excellent achievements our school has made in the world of Christian education.

Any educators wishing to elevate their program and arm their students with essential life skills to increase their chances for future success are welcomed to visit our campus, view our methods and talk about what it entails to take their school to the next level in 21st education.

Only U.S. School With Four Top Accreditations

Since achieving the milestone of becoming an IB World School, VWCS has continued to provide the best academic Christian education possible for all of our students. VWCS is the only school in the United States to simultaneously be accredited by ACSI, accredited by AdvancED, be an AdvancED certified STEM school, and a Christian IB World School.

Implementing the IB’s inquiry-led method takes advantage of a student’s unique motivations and interests to lead the classroom learning process. This has led to higher rates of meaningful and relatable subject matter comprehension on the part of our students. In addition, incorporating the IB’s key transdisciplinary framework features across all classroom subject areas allows a holistic, well-rounded approach to teaching and learning.

IB World Program

As educators, we feel the IB World School program is a perfect added element to reinforce our mission to be a multi-cultural community of learners committed to Christian discipleship, academic excellence, and world transformation. VWCS provides a rigorous program that emphasizes practical application, develops partnerships that mobilize church and community resources to optimize learning, and creates a caring and safe learning environment.

An IB education impacts the world by shaping young learners to be lovers of knowledge, caring of all people, fearless in their beliefs, and prepared to share them with the rest of the world. We want our graduates to compete at their highest personal levels on the world stage with confidence and enthusiasm. In the IB program, they learn the skills needed, not only to adapt to diverse environments and cultures, but to exhibit those skills while being positive influencers in the international community.

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Read through the IB section of our website and investigate how the IB teaching style can benefit your child. Then, we invite you to visit our school and observe an IB education in action.

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