IB Inquiry

IB Learning through Inquiry

The process of inquiry is at the foundation to the PYP’s approach to teaching and learning.  By allowing students to inquire in their learning, they become responsible for and actively involved in, their own learning. The process of inquiry provides each student the opportunity to develop a fuller understanding of the world in a manner and pace that is unique to each student’s needs.

Beginning with the knowledge that students learn best when their learning is connected to prior knowledge or experience, PYP seeks to support students’ efforts to construct new meaning and understanding from the world around them.  The inquiry process draws on their prior knowledge, provides for new experiences through exciting learning opportunities, and allow students the time and opportunity for meaningful reflection. With this perspective in mind, the IB PYP integrates a range of learning experiences that includes an awareness of the diverse nature of the students’ prior knowledge and experience.

In short, inquiry is the process of learning, initiated by the students or teacher, which guides the students from their current level of understanding or knowledge to a new, deeper, and more meaningful level of understanding.

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