IB Inquiry

IB Learning through Inquiry

The process of inquiry is at the foundation of the PYP’s approach to teaching and learning. Most parents appreciate that the PYP recognizes and respects that children are individuals and therefore learn at different rates. By allowing students to learn through inquiry, they become responsible for, and actively involved in, determining how they learn. The process of inquiry leads to each student developing a fuller understanding of the world in a manner and pace that is unique to each student’s needs.

PYP seeks to connect a student’s current knowledge and past experiences to the new educational information they receive (through traditional subjects like language, mathematics, and science). Students are then encouraged to construct new meaning and understanding of the world around them. Essential to this process is allowing students time for meaningful reflection on what they’ve learned and how it relates to their world and them as a person. This process guides the students to a more personal and meaningful level of understanding.

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