Learning to be Leaders

Victory World Christian School seeks to help students develop into active and participating members of their community. By providing students with the ability to participate in missions, both here and abroad, as well as, allowing students the opportunities to take on leadership roles within the school, VWCS supports students’ growth as they prepare to be leaders in the community and the world at large.

Participation in Missions

Throughout the year, students are encouraged to participate in mission opportunities both locally and internationally.  International missions projects have included making a positive impact in places like Nicaragua, Jordan, Haiti and Liberia. These opportunities allow students to apply their faith,  learn more about their community and culture, and to act on the knowledge they have gained in meaningful ways.  These projects have clearly helped our students become the hands and feet of Jesus.

Multi-Cultural Community

As VWCS seeks to fulfill its mission of creating a multi-cultural community of learners committed to Christian discipleship, academic excellence, and world transformation it purposefully supports multi-cultural education. Students are given the opportunity to learn about their own culture and the cultures of others.

Social Intelligence & Maturity

Students are shown effective, biblical methods of conflict resolution and encouraged to participate in complex, collaborative learning activities.  These methods and activities enrich students’ social and intellectual skills of effective communication and critical thinking.  These efforts result in our students being purposefully prepared to positively impact their current and future spheres of influence.

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