A Christian Perspective

Citizenship is an important aspect of a complete education. At Victory World Christian School, citizenship has many faces – compassionate leadership, change-making missions,  community outreach programs, acceptance of cultural differences, and respectful discussions and collaboration…to name a few. Students cultivate a lasting faith-walk as God uses them to bring positive impact to others, representing His kingdom throughout the world.

Learning to be Leaders

VWCS encourages students to become active influencers in their community. We foster citizenship development as students are emboldened to take on leadership roles in issues that matter within the school – preparing them to be dynamic, kingdom-minded leaders in their community and around the globe.

Participation in Missions

Throughout the year, students are motivated to participate in mission opportunities, demonstrating citizenship both locally and globally. “To live in the current times people cannot expect to live in isolation, and if Christians are going to engage the world they have to know about its different cultures, languages, etc.” (Global Citizenship Education for Christian Schools retrieved from Wilcox, D. 2014)  Past international missions projects have had positive effects in places like Nicaragua, Jordan, Haiti, and Liberia. People from these nations encountered the love of Christ as students obediently applied faith as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Multi-Cultural Community

A part of VWCS’s mission is to create a diverse community of learners. As we equip our students with a practical philosophy on citizenship, they learn that God’s kingdom is comprised of people from all nations, cultures and ethnicities; yet, we are all created in His image. Students learn about their own culture and the cultures of others. Our belief is that a multicultural education promotes our school’s core goals of Christian discipleship, academic excellence,  and world transformation. As stated by David Wilcox, Assistant Vice President for the Association of Christian School International (ACSI), “Global education articulates the goal of equipping the next generation to be cross-culturally competent disciple makers.” (

Social Intelligence & Maturity

Our teachers show students effective, biblical methods of conflict resolution.  They participate in complex, collaborative learning activities exercising effective communication and critical thinking that enrich social and intellectual skills.  These efforts result in our students being prepared to positively impact their current and future spheres of influence.

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