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Posted @ 9:00 am, May 18, 2020

Dear VWCS Family,

We are back at the VWCS facility! We have a limited number of staff members on site today to accept student iPads and Mac Air laptops that are being turned in today and tomorrow. When you come to school over the next few days, please stay in your car and someone from our staff will be out to greet you and help you in any way we can. Please be patient with us as we are sort of “getting our legs” underneath us again, and becoming more familiar each day with the policies and procedures we have put into place to keep the safety of our employees, families, and students first and foremost in our efforts on behalf of our students and their families.

I wanted to remind you where we have been over the past several weeks. I know I do not have to remind you that your child has been home, doing “school” by using the Zoom app, having teachers teach them remotely, students being active for PE, computer programming, and every other class they have just recently completed. The short video below is a video of when I left our building on March 13th. I was the last person to leave that evening. Nobody knew when we would return, but I was confident that no matter what we needed to do in order to provide an excellent Christian education to our students and their families was exactly what we were going to do. When I left that night, I left a note on the light switch that controls the lights that shine on our ACSI and AdvancED Accreditation certificates, our IB authorization certificate, and our AdvancED STEM certification certificate. I wanted to make certain that anyone who happened to come by the school that this is who we are: A Christian school, dedicated to providing an excellent education that is clearly demonstrated by these certificates. I have to admit, when I left the school building that evening, I had no idea when we would be back, but I knew we would be back as soon as it was safely permissible. We are here today, May 18, 2020. By the way, the lights shining on our certificates were still on when I entered the building today.

While we were away, you are quite aware that you were asked to have your child come to their “class” with their VWCS uniform shirt on. I can tell you, I never once saw a student in their classroom without their uniform shirt on. We felt this would be helpful for our students. They were still in school. They were still a member of a Christian school. They were still classmates with their friends. Yes, they were always Victory World Christian School Lions.

One of the most unifying events we experienced during our time away from each other physically, was our weekly Chapel. This is a picture of one of our Elementary school Chapels. During a typical Elementary school Chapel service, we would routinely have over 150 participants – students, family members, teachers, and school staff were all blessed each week while we were away from our facility.

This morning, when I arrived at our facility, the lights were darkened, as were the halls and offices. Our school facility was where we left it back in mid-March. Quiet. No laughter. No joy. No teachers. No students. It was a little bit sad to walk into a building that houses the greatest students and faculty ever without everyone being here. But the lights were turned on, and people started to come by to drop off their children’s iPads and Mac laptops. Students and their parents picked up their Report Cards, Accelerated Reading certificates, and various other documents. Honor Roll and President’s Awards will be mailed to each recipient of those awesome awards in the coming days.

Oh, how the building looks so much better with lights on, knowing that activity this morning was imminent.















Please know that over the next few weeks, many of us will be finishing up plans on how to safely reopen the school in August.  As I described in a recent email I sent to our VWCS family, we are developing four different options for school reopening. What option we will ultimately be implementing will be based on the safety and well-being of our students, their families, and the VWCS staff. Most of you know that much of my background is in the field of science. As such, much of what determines how we will proceed in August will be based on science, not shifting political winds or opinions. Nothing is more important to me than your child’s safety. When we reopen for school, it will be based on the safety and well-being of your children.

We have developed a rather impressive group of professional educators, parent leaders, and eventually, students to help us make many of the decisions we will have to make in the coming weeks and months. Not only will our school pedagogical leadership team play an important role in developing policies and procedures, but we will be joined with several teachers, members of our Continuous School Improvement Committee, several parents, and as we near the start of the 2020-2021 school year, we will be joined by student leaders at VWCS.

When we left school on March 13th, I had complete faith in our teachers, students, and families that we would be just fine. Turns out, we were better than fine. Our 4th quarter standardized test scores were universally better than our 3rd quarter standardized test scores. Yes, that is correct. Your children and their classmates collectively set new highs for their respective standardized test scores. Who would have thought? I certainly had confidence that our students had been working hard, improving academically, socially, and spiritually; however, their scores impressed me mightily.

Through this pandemic, so many people contributed to our school’s success.  But most of all, we continued to be blessed every day by the Lord. I have said it many times, I believe the Holy Spirit has His hand on our school. Looking back on the past 2+ months, I cannot help but believe this remains true.

Thank you all for your personal and collective contribution to the success of VWCS. As you look forward to the 2020-2021 school year, there is really not a better option for your child to go through their educational journey than our wonderful school. The overarching Christian foundation of our school, coupled with extraordinary staff members, we have been and continue to be richly blessed. I pray the Lord’ s blessing continues to keep you safe and sustain your family over the summer months. We will miss seeing your kids at our building. Trust me, they are squarely in the middle of our hearts and minds each day.



Jeff LeMay, EdD

Head of School

Social Development
Safe Learning
International Baccalaureate

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