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Posted @ 4:45 pm, April 5, 2020

Good afternoon VWCS Family,

Well, here we go again! I pray that all of our students and you have had a restful and safe Spring Break.

As we gear up for another adventure of online learning, I want to take a minute to remind you where we were only 3 short weeks ago. On March 16th, we started the online learning environment. I think most of our teachers were a bit nervous as they began teaching their classes online. However, I think any nervousness dissipated very quickly that first Monday morning when they were greeted by the smiling faces that your children brought to this online reality. By the end of the day that Monday, not only had the nervousness subsided, but a sense of determination to be part of an excellent education process was heartfelt and assured by the actions of both our students and our teachers alike.

For the ensuing two weeks, we made a few difficult decisions, a couple of meaningful changes to student schedules, and several modifications to our expectations and plans. Nothing too small or too large dissuaded our VWCS family from finding success in our collective efforts to move forward in our pursuit of an excellent educational process for our incredible children.

Then Spring Break happened. As I said several times, Spring Break seemed to be perfectly timed this year! We all needed a rest. A break from iPad screens. A pause in the fast pace of our school days. At least that was the case for me! :-)

Now, here we are on the precipice of the start of a new phase of online learning once again. I am hopeful we do not require any modifications to our program. But, I can assure you, if we do need to modify anything, we will modify our program to the betterment of our students’ opportunity for success in mastering their educational journey!

I am hopeful you read my email to our VWCS family last week in which I gave your our plan with regards to how we will determine whether or not we will return to our physical facility before the end of the school year. I anticipate having a meeting with our school board this week, during which a decision will likely be made on whether or not we will continue our online program for the remainder of the school year, or if we might be able to return to our facility before the last day of the 2019-2020 school year. I do not want to get anyone’s hopes up that we will return to the building, but I want to remind you, as a private school, it is our school board who decides how we will proceed moving forward.

I am eager to see your children again, even if it is via videoconferencing software. They are why we do what we do. Our teachers and staff want the best for your children and their futures. When we couple your commitment to your child’s education with the commitment that our teachers and staff have for your child’s success, the result is an awesome display of God’s favor on every member of the VWCS family.

Thank you for allowing us to have a role in your child’s life and future. I can attest, we are all ready to see our young charges again tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. Until then, please have a restful and safe remainder of today.


Jeff LeMay, EdD

Head of School

Social Development
Safe Learning
International Baccalaureate

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